martedì 12 aprile 2016


                                          TRRMA' on tour in April and MAy 2016 w/ KLAUS LEGAL
20th Apr@ LA Mangiatoia- Montemurlo(PO)
22th Apr - TBA
23th Apr @ Ursa Minor- Saint Etienne
24th Apr@ Sympatist Festival - Bordeaux
25th Apr @ Bilbao - TBa
26th Apr@ Leiria - TBA
27 Apr@ Liceo MUtante - Pontevedra
28th Apr@ Projectil - Braga
29th Apr@ Disgraca - Lisbon
30th Apr@ Delia Records - Madrid
01th MAy @ Valencia - Atelier dels bous
02th may @ Benicarlo - Plug in the gear
03th may @ BArcelona - MAgia ROja
04th may@Villefranche de Rouerge
05th may@ Toulouse - Pavillion Sauvage
06th may@ Dijon - Mammouth Festival
07th may@ Clermont Ferrand
08th may@ Marseille- Embobineuse